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    "Which means that a beef-and-leaf paleo diet is the worst choice going, environmentally speaking"


    Mushrooms on toast- my new favourite dinner

    When I first started getting my veggie box from Ceres fair food earlier this year, I quickly developed a love-hate relationship with it. I loved getting a massive box of organic, seasonal produce every week, I loved how affordable it was and I loved the excitement of seeing what fresh, organic surprises were packed in that recycled cardboard box of goodness every Thursday afternoon. But I hated the weekly bunch of silverbeet that would inevitably droop before I could use it - I mean how much spanikopita can you really have?! And I hated the bags of mushrooms, masses of broccoli and the excess of cabbage. How would I ever get through them before the next lot appeared?

    I started to realise that before I got my veggie box, I ate the same boring fruit and vegetables every week. Mostly bananas, rocket, avo and tomatoes, punctuated by a few carrots and beetroots occasionally. Of course these are all delicious and healthy but the lack of variety was uninspiring and actually quite unhealthy too. 

    So the veggie box became a weekly mystery box challenge. It forced me to be creative, to cook and eat the vegetables I normal didn’t bother with. I got inspired. I learnt to freeze the silverbeet and add it to soups, I learnt that a box of steamed broccoli is an easy and yummy lunch and I learnt that mushrooms on toast is my new favourite dinner. The only thing I’m still struggling with is the cabbage but now I look forward to the challenge, you never know, it might just become my new favourite vegetable. 

    It’s safe to say my love-hate relationship has disappeared, I’m completely head over heels. If you’re not yet convinced, perhaps try this simple Italian inspired mushroom dish, the love child of my veggie romance.

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    Kangaroo Sausage Rolls

    Kangaroo and Carrot Sausage Rolls

    I won’t blame you if the thought of eating skippy doesn’t make you salivate. I was the same. As a ten year old I stole the kangaroo meat from the freezer and hid it in the laundry in protest. A few days later an awful smell begun to permeate the house, it didn’t take long for meat to go bad in hot, outback Australia. Eventually the meat was recovered and I remembered I’d hidden it behind the beer in a moment of morality. My mother likes to remind me this when I go into full marketing mode for my now favourite red meat. Kangaroo is lean, packed with iron and zinc, one of the cheapest meats around. Its also juicy and delicious if cooked right what’s more they’re free range and sustainable. Surely you can’t beat that? I’m clearly a convert. 

    Ps. these are sausage rolls, i make them and freeze them for emergency meals and of course to take to the footy. 


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    Quick and easy zucchini soup

    My first two veggie boxes had two zucchinis each and while I have nothing against zuccs, they just sat in the bottom of my fridge for a few weeks looking sad. Four was too many to grill or bake or do anything with. Until I remembered that O’s mum makes a delish zucchini and cream side dish.  So I based this soup on that, only I added garlic and put it in the blender. It was too easy and I used all the zucchinis. Bam. 

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    Quick and easy zucchini soup

    be grateful. everyday.

    Poached pear bircher muesli (+ spiced red wine poached pears)

    I was reading one of Neil Perry’s books when I first decided to make bircher muesli. I’d eaten it years before and thought it tasted like glue but Neil convinced me I needed to try it again and that’s when my obsession started. Anyway, Neil often has his bircher with poached pears so today, for Day 3 muesli, I finally tried it. And I’m calling it, this is the ultimate bircher.

    It is sweet and creamy and heavenly. I’m going to need to start having people over for luxury brunches just to show it off. 

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