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    Pink Creamy Pasta Salad

    A lovely summer salad to celebrate daylight savings which really equals the start of summer. This is a great one because we always have the rocket, toms and avo and keep the tins in the cupboard so we can throw it together any time. Yay for one pan clean up and cupboard to table in 10.

    P.s its usually way more pink but we were making do with a small tin of beetroot!

    Serves 4

    Pink Creamy Pasta Salad


    500g pack of Penne

    Black olives, sliced in thirds

    Can Beetroot, drained, sliced

    10 cherry tomatoes, diced

    Can Corn, drained


    Avo, diced

    1 tbsp low fat natural yoghurt (light sour cream works here too)

    1 tbsp mayo (whole egg, we like thomy)


    Cook the pasta. Drain and splash over olive oil. Add everything and mix.


    4/5 healthy points

    $8 (plus $6 if you don’t have the mayo already)

    easy peasy!


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